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What’s REALLY the best bang for your buck when it comes to updating your investment property?

  • July 13, 2020

Most people recommend updating the curb appeal, which, according to studies, can significantly increase the rent you charge. However, you still have to get people to the property, and this is where photography comes in handy. Professional looking photography is the best investment for real estate rental improvements.

Take Awesome Photos of The House

If you already have the property listed for rent, all you might need is pictures. Market research indicates that renters and buyers look for property online and rely on the photos they see to determine whether it fits what they seek. As such, you should have high-quality shots of the house, highlighting all the sales points. You can choose Professional Photography to help you attract the highest rent and make the property show better than others. Advertising platforms allow property owners to upload 30-50 still photos renters can use to explore your property. You should aim at taking more than five shots. Make sure the photos are of high quality and appealing across multiple media (phone screens, PC).

Provide Different Perspectives

When taking photos of the property, you should aim to have different perspectives. Find a ladder or stand on your truck bed to take impressive glimpses of the upper section. You can also go low, about a foot off the ground, to get those unique perspectives that will distinguish your property from other showcases. It is recommendable to take shots of the exterior early in the morning or late afternoon for the best color and contrast. Make sure you have a good camera that can capture the captivating details of your property. Renters will want to see all the crucial spaces, so make sure you take at least three perspectives for each area.

What to Capture?

With advertising platforms accommodating as many as 50 still photos, there’s no limit to what you can include. You should take 4-5 photos showcasing different perspectives. Focus on the selling points of your property. This includes capturing community pools, walking paths and other things that attract renters. It would be best if you also took shots of the bathroom, kitchen, ceiling, floor, decks, backyard, lawns and more. Unless you intend to offer the property furnished, do not take any shots of the furniture. You should also remove personal items from the previous renter.

Edit Your Photos

The goal of updating investment property is to increase views and attract renters. As such, you should showcase the best details. Make sure you go through each photo and touch them up with some green grass and blue sky. You can find freelancers to edit the images but make sure the final image isn’t different from what renters will discover when they come to view the property.

If you can create an emotional visual story with your pictures, the property will be rented in no time. There are several minor things you can complete without breaking the bank, but professional photography always offers the best bang for your buck.

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